Tatana Kellner

Address552 Binnewater Rd
Postal Code12401
Phone Number845 658 9321
E-mail Addresstana@wsworkshop.org

First interest in hand papermaking process: 0

First piece of handmade paper: 1979

First handmade paper artwork: 1980

Beginning of active practice: 1981


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Tatana 's Work in Hand Papermaking:

  1. Artist who uses handmade paper for book arts
  2. Artist who uses papermaking for three-dimensional work
  3. Artist who uses papermaking for two-dimensional work
  4. Educator who teaches hand papermaking (any facet)

Tatana 's Introduction to Hand Papermaking:

  1. An individual

Influences on Tatana 's Work in Hand Papermaking:

Publications initially important to Tatana :

  1. The Art of Handpapermakig : Bernard Toale
  2. Papermaking, the HIstory and Technique : David Hunter
  3. Papermaking : Jules Heller
  4. Paper, Art &Technology : Paper, Art &Technology
  5. Japanese Papermaking : Timothy Barrett

Publications eventually important to Tatana :

  1. Hand Papermaking Magazine : Michael Durgin
  2. Paper, Art &Technology : Paper, Art &Technology
  3. Japanese Papermaking : Timothy Barrett
  4. Plant Fibers for Papermaking : Lillian Bell
  5. Papermaking and Garden Plants : Helen Hiebert

Countries where Tatana 's studied:

Raw materials used by Tatana in Hand Papermaking:

Chemicals used by Tatana for cooking fibers in Hand Papermaking:

Used Sometimes
Used Rarely

Tools and methods used by Tatana for beating in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
  1. Hollander beater
Used Sometimes
  1. hand beating
Used Rarely

Style of sheet forming used by Tatana in Hand Papermaking:

Years teaching hand papermaking: 33

Teaching formats used by Tatana :

Tatana 's Income Contribution from Hand Papermaking:

  1. some


I've established the papermaking studio at Women's Studio Workshop where we have collaborated with many artists over teh years. We work with a range of artists from complete novices to the medium to people for whom papermaking is the primary medium. Over the years many artists have adapted hand papermaking into their artistic practice. Some of these artists are: Ann Marie Kennedy Chris Petrone Lisa Switalski Tia Kramer timea Tihanyi Elizabeth Mackie Pamela Wallace Kassia Keely Pi Benio Kristen DeGree Tasja Keetman Alyson Comstock Jody Williams Laura Moriarty I'm also enclosing links to some of my handmade paper work: http://tatanakellner.com/installations/bread http://tatanakellner.com/installations/re-consider http://tatanakellner.com/installations/eye-witness http://tatanakellner.com/artists-books http://tatanakellner.com/artists-books