Uses Routinely
  1. Babcock, John : casting with concentrated pulp
  2. Frederick, Jennie : I draw with Kozo to create open weave structures using a technique I learned in San Pablito
  3. Littlewood, Jill : pouring
  4. Marinos, Jan : null
  5. Powers, Jill : techniques I've developed with kozo
  6. Reeves, Dianne L. : western style (dipping "with" formation aid)
Uses Sometimes
  1. Craig, Melissa Jay : null
  2. Marion, MP : pouring base layers, and misting fine colored cotton pulp through spray bottles, over "resists".
  3. Nash, Catherine : sprayed sheets
Uses Rarely
  1. Bella, Heather : experimental methods similar to pouring, on open screens for organic forms
  2. McDonald, Lee : null
  3. Silverberg, Robbin Ami : vacuum forming