Ann Corley Silverman

Address2683 Wellesley Rd.
Postal Code43209
Phone Number614-592-5896

First interest in hand papermaking process: 1992

First piece of handmade paper: 1992

First handmade paper artwork: 1993

Beginning of active practice: 1994


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Ann Corley's Work in Hand Papermaking:

  1. Artist who uses papermaking for three-dimensional work
  2. Artist who uses papermaking for two-dimensional work
  3. Educator who teaches hand papermaking (any facet)

Ann Corley's Introduction to Hand Papermaking:

  1. Classroom instruction

Influences on Ann Corley's Work in Hand Papermaking:

Publications initially important to Ann Corley:

  1. The Art of Papermaking : Bernard Toale

Publications eventually important to Ann Corley:

  1. Japanese Papermaking : Timothy Barrett
  2. Teaching Hand Papermaking : Gloria Smolek Smith
  3. Hand Papermaking magazine : null
  4. Papermaking: History and Technique of an Ancient Craft : Dard Hunter

Countries where Ann Corley's studied:

  1. Myanmar : Elaine Koretsky
    1. demonstration
    2. visit to mill or artist studio
  2. Thailand : Idin Paper Mill
    1. hands-on workshop
    2. demonstration
    3. visit to mill or artist studio
  3. null : null
  4. null : null

Raw materials used by Ann Corley in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
  1. abaca - purchased fiber
Used Sometimes
  1. gampi - fiber prepared in house
  2. raw flax - fiber prepared in house
  3. other fiber : recently using old linen tablecloths, rose of sharon bark, and repurposed food prep wastes (like artichoke leaf fiber and corn husks)

Chemicals used by Ann Corley for cooking fibers in Hand Papermaking:

Tools and methods used by Ann Corley for beating in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
Used Rarely

Style of sheet forming used by Ann Corley in Hand Papermaking:

Years teaching hand papermaking: occasionally from 1996-present

Teaching formats used by Ann Corley:

Used Routinely
Used Sometimes
  1. classes
  2. demonstrations

Ann Corley's Income Contribution from Hand Papermaking:

  1. a little


My interest in fibers is more driven by the dynamics of life processes (stuff that grows, stuff that is shaped and re-formed by context and circumstance...etc.) than in the quality of the final paper. The one specialized tool that I sometimes use is a small hand-crocheted mold that I made using coated jewelers wire. I have collaborated with a honey bee researcher in establishing a colony in a paper balloon for a summer and I have made box frames for paper and fabric that could be placed in a traditional colony stack, working 'collaboratively' with the bees. I am now working with vermiculture and food in the context of celebratory gatherings around a meal. Old linen tablecloths are making their way into paper that will never be as fine, strong and durable as 16th century paper made with similar material, but it will do just fine as table runners for a spring wedding.