Papermakers using other fiber

Uses Routinely
  1. Apilado, Loreto : I am using freshly cut abaca, virgin and waste and fresh kozo from my fiber garden at CITC, Marikina, Philippines. Other indigenous fibers like cogon grass.
  2. Ballinger, Cris : Plants harvested locally and prepared at home: New Zealand Flax, Redwood, Mardrone Oak, Wisteria and French Broom bast, Pampas Grass, Wis
  3. Bella, Heather : anything I can find in the yard/garden.
  4. Bolyard, Velma : botanicals from the countryside in northern new york
  5. Borgen, Alex : recycled linen or cotton fabric, common plants, grasses, daylily: I started a papermaker's garden
  6. Borgen, Alex : Linen rag, prepared in house
  7. Browne, Colin : plant fibers: lilly, agave, ginger, bird of paradise, pampas grass
  8. Bruschera, Jillian : Recycled papers
  9. Burgos, Leticia : milkweed,silkfloss tree ( fibers from fruits, seed hair) yucca, pampa grass, totora,garlic
  10. Christensen, Lisa : Plantfibers from weeds and straw
  11. Cohen, Esther : recycling old clothes: jute, linen,silk
  12. Craig, Melissa Jay : milkweed, dogbane, and many other locally harvested fibers
  13. Dilane, Ilze : linen rag fiber prepared in house, iris leaf fiber, hemp fiber
  14. Dobinson, Prue : New Zealand Flax, Bluebell, reed, bulrush, pineapple leaves,bamboo, pampas, iris, crocosmia, sissyrinchum, corn husk,nettle, willow bast, mallow bast,bracken, onion skin, rosemary, seaweed
  15. Dominic, Judy : collected plants: hosta, daylily, iris, palm, leeks, asparagus, garlic, onions
  16. Gold, Joyce : Yucca, Bamboo
  17. Gosin, Susan : Linen rag, sea weed
  18. Harding, Kerri : Sunflower stalk, banana stalk
  19. Harkins, Lisa : Any number of locally gathered garden and roadside plants. Primarily New Zealand flax, but have also used iris, cattail, canary reed grass, spartina, bulrush, crocosmia, palm, yucca, pampas, nettle, plum bast, and pigweed. Also hardy vegetable waste such as garlic and onion tops, pineapple leaves, artichoke sepals, leek tops, and banana stems.
  20. Hauser, Robert : Papermaking workshop purchased cotton rag pulp from Twinrocker as the primary supplier c. 1974-1980.
  21. Johnson, Sally : linen and flax prepared by Twinrocker
  22. Kinnee, Sandy : linen fabric - fibers prepared in house
  23. Leners, Amy : Various Garden Fibers
  24. Marinos, Jan : iris
  25. Martin, Susanne : Plant materials that would normally be tilled into the ground (from the farmers at the Greensboro Farmers Market). Also plant fibers from my garden and friend's gardens.
  26. McCausland, Linda : Garden grown plant fibers, Iris, Daylily, garlic, wheat,oat, seaweed, dune grasses
  27. Nash, Catherine : varied plants such as iris, torch ginger, heliconia, wheat straw, kenaf, ....
  28. Potter, Melissa : waste-based and plants from The Papermaker's Garden Columbia College Chicago
  29. Reeves, Dianne L. : Texas kozo (mulberry); lemongrass; ginger; ashe juniper; yucca
  30. Rocca, Kate : recycled papers and materials
  31. Schiedermayer, Kim : recycled paper fiber
  32. Siff, Elena Mary : junk mail...paper bags
  33. Sigwald, Vicky : phormium, banano,
  34. Stahl, John Roland : Kenaf, Roselle, Bagasse
  35. Takahashi, Mina : linen cloth
  36. Wilson, Christine : musa family fibres
  37. Wilson, Michelle : Vegetable fibers (artichoke, beet, leek), invasive fibers - andean pampas grass seed hair, French broom
  38. Woodward, Jenn : Junkmail & used papers
  39. gosin, sue : linen rag, prepared in house
  40. vinzani, bernie : local bast and wood barks
  41. webster, cecile : Various plant fibers from gardens, conservatories, yards highways
Uses Sometimes
  1. Buchert, Rob : Hemp and flax half-stuff.
  2. Clews, Retta : hosta, leeks
  3. Frederick, Jennie : plants from the garden
  4. Holster, Elizabeth : Linen, and a variety of plant fibers harvested in southern california
  5. Lascell, Thomas : Blue Iris
  6. Lee, Aimee : milkweed
  7. Mackin Dolan, Susan : plant fibers from local garden sources - iris, day lily, grasses
  8. Risseeuw, John : Desert plant fibers (agave, yucca, etc.), recycled mat board, recycled papers, jute (burlap or twine), bamboo, shredded money
  9. Siepser, Claire : I process fibers from various things I grow including lemongrass.
  10. Silverberg, Robbin : wheat straw, corn husk, kapok, iris, broom,
  11. Silverman, Ann Corley : recently using old linen tablecloths, rose of sharon bark, and repurposed food prep wastes (like artichoke leaf fiber and corn husks)
  12. Walp, Robert : linen rag, jute, day lily, cattail
Uses Rarely
  1. CUTTS, SUSAN : Indigenous fibres,
  2. James, Lois : local fibers such as bamboo, seaweed, grasses, iris, cypress
  3. Lascell, Tom : Linen
  4. Pandey, Radha : Pina
  5. Pearson, Nick : Bamboo, Esparto, wood pulp
  6. Rhein, Margaret : linen rag, silk fabric scraps
  7. benedis, sheila : null
  8. menard, kathryn : Iris, sunflower