Susan Gosin

Address99 Rosedale Lane
Postal Code08540
Phone Number609 658-4741

First interest in hand papermaking process: 1974

First piece of handmade paper: 1974

First handmade paper artwork: 1974

Beginning of active practice: 1974


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Susan's Work in Hand Papermaking:

  1. Artist who uses handmade paper for book arts
  2. Artist who uses papermaking for two-dimensional work
  3. Educator or researcher who lectures about hand papermaking
  4. Educator who teaches hand papermaking (any facet)
  5. Writer on topics related to hand papermaking

Susan's Introduction to Hand Papermaking:

  1. Classroom instruction

Influences on Susan's Work in Hand Papermaking:

Publications initially important to Susan:

  1. Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft : Dard Hunter
  2. Nagashizuki, The Japanese Craft of Hand Papermaking : Tim Barrett
  3. Papermaking As an Artistic Craft : John Mason
  4. One Hundred and Fifty Years of papermaking by Hand : Barcham Green
  5. Manuscripts and Documents: Their Deterioration and Restoration : W.J.Barrow

Publications eventually important to Susan:

  1. Hand Papermaking Magazine : null
  2. Plant Fibers fo Papermaking : Lilian Bell
  3. Papermaking : Jules Heller
  4. The Book of Fine Paper : Silvie Turner
  5. all books : Helen Hiebert

Countries where Susan's studied:

  1. Spain : Victoria Rabel, Frederic Amat
    1. demonstration
    2. visit to mill or artist studio
  2. Italy : Fabriano
    1. demonstration
    2. visit to mill or artist studio
  3. Columbia : Arte Dos Grafico
    1. demonstration
    2. visit to mill or artist studio
  4. Burma : Pindaya papermakers
    1. demonstration

Raw materials used by Susan in Hand Papermaking:

Chemicals used by Susan for cooking fibers in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
Used Rarely

Tools and methods used by Susan for beating in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
  1. Hollander beater
Used Sometimes
  1. hand beating
Used Rarely

Style of sheet forming used by Susan in Hand Papermaking:

Years teaching hand papermaking: 1978-present

Teaching formats used by Susan:

Susan's Income Contribution from Hand Papermaking:

  1. no comment


I learned hand papermaking at the University of Wisconsin, Madison from Walter Hamady in a very stimulating environment in the mid-1970's. The list of fellow students, teachers and artists who were involved in hand papermaking at that time is extensive, many have contributed professionally to the field. In 1976, Bruce Wineberg and I moved to NYC to start Dieu Donné Papermill. For 37 years, I have been involved in hand papermaking at Dieu Donné as an artist, researcher, production papermaker, artistic collaborator, publisher, curator, educator and writer. I have had the great fortune work to closely with Paul Wong, Dieu Donné's master papermaker for 4 decades. I continue to collaborate with artists such as Chuck Close, William Kentridge and Robert Wilson and with writers such Czeslaw Milosz, Wislawa Szymborska and Mark Strand on limited editions. Please visit for information about our papermaking programs.