Uses Routinely
  1. Aumann, Shirah Miriam "Mimi" : On the spot instruction for field gathering, preparing pulp for land art installations with collaboration in the pour/design
  2. Barrett, Timothy : Instructional or documentary videos have proven very helpful in my teaching
  3. Nash, Catherine : published four educational videos on papermaking: Classroom Papermaking I&II as well as The Papermaking Workshop I&II
  4. Plummer, Beverly : none
  5. Schiedermayer, Kim : Teacher training
Uses Sometimes
  1. Kinnee, Sandy : Crystal Productions Slide and Video programs, produced about 1979, with Jules Heller
  2. Littlewood, Jill : collaborations with other artists working in other media: this is how I mostly teach these days
Uses Rarely
  1. Kristoferson, Susan : at first I taught regular university courses in the "fiber arts" departments, now I teach itinerantly in many visual arts topics, which occasionally is paper making
  2. Rhein, Margaret : artist residency in the classroom- high school