Margaret Rhein

Address2318 Nicholson Ave.
Postal Code45211
Phone Number513-662-9382

First interest in hand papermaking process: 1976

First piece of handmade paper: 1976

First handmade paper artwork: 1977

Beginning of active practice: 1977


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Margaret's Work in Hand Papermaking:

  1. Artist who uses handmade paper for book arts
  2. Artist who uses papermaking for two-dimensional work
  3. Collector
  4. Educator or researcher who lectures about hand papermaking
  5. Educator who teaches hand papermaking (any facet)
  6. Production hand papermaker
  7. Writer on topics related to hand papermaking

Margaret's Introduction to Hand Papermaking:

  1. An individual

Influences on Margaret's Work in Hand Papermaking:

Publications initially important to Margaret:

  1. Hand Papermaking : null
  2. American Craft : null
  3. Fiberarts : null
  4. The Paper Maker : null
  5. Friends of Dard Hunter newsletter : null

Publications eventually important to Margaret:

  1. Hand Papermaking : null
  2. American Craft : null
  3. Fiberarts : null
  4. Friends of Dard Hunter newsletter : null

Countries where Margaret's studied:

Raw materials used by Margaret in Hand Papermaking:

Chemicals used by Margaret for cooking fibers in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
Used Sometimes

Tools and methods used by Margaret for beating in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
  1. Hollander beater
Used Sometimes

Style of sheet forming used by Margaret in Hand Papermaking:

Years teaching hand papermaking: 1980-2013

Teaching formats used by Margaret:

Used Routinely
  1. classes
  2. workshops
Used Sometimes
  1. demonstrations
Used Rarely
  1. apprenticeships
  2. lectures
  3. one-on-one in studio
  4. other : artist residency in the classroom- high school

Margaret's Income Contribution from Hand Papermaking:

  1. a lot


I have been involved full time for the past 37 years in the art & craft of making paper by hand at my studio, Terrapin Paper Mill in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the years, I have made thousands of sheets of handmade paper, experimenting with a variety of fibers, shapes, colors and textures in 2D & 3D approaches. My work has been exhibited in galleries & craft shows throughout the USA. Teaching workshops in papermaking, bookbinding & marbling to both children & adults has been a great learning opportunity for me. Some of the organizations and schools where I have taught include the Miniature Book Society, the University of Cincinnati, The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Dayton Art Institute, The University of IL, Paper Circle in OH and a number of elementary schools in the Cincinnati area. I especially enjoy working with children & encouraging their creativity by exposing them to the endless possibilities that occur when you make your own paper. As an expressionist artist, I work spontaneously using colored pulps made at my studio. Combining patterned fabrics of various textures with other collage elements, I respond to the challenge of using a variety of materials in making art. Inspirations come from many sources and often involve plant forms, landscapes and figurative themes.


I imagine that other paper artists like myself have taken a number of workshops in paper related fields- book binding, marbling, paste papers, basketry, shifu, letterpress printing, woodblock printing, etching- other branches on the tree.