Uses Routinely
  1. Aumann, Shirah Miriam "Mimi" : I built a hydropulper from an old frig motor, a shaft and a sharpened boat propeller - very effective...
  2. Babcock, John : Babcock/Matag Mixer illustrated in Jules Heller Book " Papermaking"1978, Babcock Bucket Beater, illustrated in Anne Vilsboll book "Papir Mageri" 1990
  3. Barrett, Timothy :
  4. Fairbairn-Edwards, Jan : wooden mallet my main method
  5. Marinos, Jan : null
  6. Potter, Melissa : Mark Lander's Critter--a variation on a Reina Hollander
  7. Ylitalo, Saaraliisa : hand beating with wooden mallets
Uses Sometimes
  1. Holster, Elizabeth : Hydropulper until it died
  2. Martin, Susanne : Critter
Uses Rarely
  1. Buchert, Rob : cycling garbage disposal