Susan Mackin Dolan

Postal Codenull
Phone Number970-471-2141

First interest in hand papermaking process: 1977

First piece of handmade paper: 1977

First handmade paper artwork: 1977

Beginning of active practice: 1980


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Susan's Work in Hand Papermaking:

  1. Artist who uses handmade paper for book arts
  2. Artist who uses papermaking for two-dimensional work
  3. Educator who teaches hand papermaking (any facet)

Susan's Introduction to Hand Papermaking:

  1. An individual

Influences on Susan's Work in Hand Papermaking:

Publications initially important to Susan:

  1. Papermaking : Jules Heller
  2. Papermaking History & Technique of an Ancient Craft : Dard Hunter
  3. International Conference on Hand papermaking : Carraige House Press
  4. Japanese Papermaking : Tim Barrett

Publications eventually important to Susan:

  1. Art of Papermaking : Bernard Toale
  2. Aztec & maya Papermakers : Von Hagen
  3. Plant Fibers for Papermaking : Lillian Bell
  4. Traditional Papermaking & Cult Figures of Mexico : Alan & Pamela Sandstrom

Countries where Susan's studied:

  1. Mexico : do not know names - long time ago
    1. visit to mill or artist studio
    2. other : visited Otomi papermakers in San Pablito

Raw materials used by Susan in Hand Papermaking:

Used Sometimes
  1. other fiber : plant fibers from local garden sources - iris, day lily, grasses

Chemicals used by Susan for cooking fibers in Hand Papermaking:

Used Sometimes
Used Rarely

Tools and methods used by Susan for beating in Hand Papermaking:

Used Routinely
  1. hand beating
Used Rarely

Style of sheet forming used by Susan in Hand Papermaking:

Years teaching hand papermaking: 1984 - present

Teaching formats used by Susan:

Used Routinely
Used Rarely
  1. writing

Susan's Income Contribution from Hand Papermaking:

  1. a little


Born in 1956 and grew up in papermaking/mill town in Maine. First handpapermking experience was- Paper Casting Workshop at Univ. of Maine Orono 1977 (part of spring intensive) with John Scott, sculptor from Tulane, used equipment in the pulp and paper tech department & brought it back to art depart. Worked at Haystack for one session as a TA for Jon Wood (Alfred Univ) in summer of 1980. Worked in paper/print area & we did sheet forming with cotton & abaca. Met Kathy & Howard Clark there that summer as well, but did not work directly with them. My focus was indigenous fibers & natural dyes @ Haystack that summer. Graduated from UMO with degree in art/printmaking . Attended workshop at Carriage House with Elaine Koretsky in Brookline MA - 1980. Coloring pulp with pigments & using other fibers - abaca, linen. Went to Univ of Colorado for MFA in printmaking & papermaking in 1981. Clinton Cline was head of those areas. Met Ray Tomasso & Peggy Prentice & Janet Hughes (who were also part of papermaking program at CU Boulder). Worked with Bernie Vinzani, who came as a visiting artist. My focus was cast paper, pulp painting, relief printing on my shaped papers papers. Mostly using western techniques and cotton and abaca and linen. Worked as assistant for Paul Robberts at Oxbow in summer of 1983 & 84 in paper studio. We did a field trip visit to Tim Barrett in his "barn studio" in Kalamazoo where he taught us how to make traditional japanese paper. After graduation from CU in 1984, I was hired by Southwest School of Art in San Antonio to establish the paper studio there (Picante Papers). Worked with Bernie Vinzani to build the equipment and set up the space and stayed on to chair the paper department for the next 4 years. Taught papermaking, had a small production paper program and did many paper art collaborations with visiting artist including, Helen Frederick, Sas Colby, William Wegman, Judy Dater, Betty Saar, Robert Sperry, Terry Allen. Beck Whitehead was my assistant and took over as chair of papermaking department when I left. Made a pilgrimage to San Pablito Mexico to visit with Otomi papermakers to see amate paper process in 1988. Moved to Colorado, taught at Colorado Mtn College for 10+ years (drawing, papermaking, printmaking)