Papermakers having Other as an influence

Primary Influence
  1. Barrett, Timothy :
  2. Conti, Rona : Dividing my time for the last ten plus years between Japan and the US and studying Japanese calligraphy, I continue to explore and use fragments of my study and embed them in the hand paper making process both in my own studio and at Dieu Donne and other paper making facilities In Japan I visit small hand papermakers and any museums and facilities available related to papermaking. The same has applied when in China and Taiwan, albeit briefly..
  3. Gold, Joyce : The process of papermaking with the mystery that always comes with it
  4. James, Lois : I attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago while Karen Stahlecker and Marilyn Sward there studying for their MFAs. It was an exciting and heady time just to be around them I was a studen-at-large.
  5. Littlewood, Jill : Watching how people interacted with my work.
  6. Marinos, Jan : Personal desire to create from nature
  7. Marion, MP : ... in 1973, or through-out my long association with paper? I will answer as if over the course of my experience.
  8. Pearson, Nick : Working in the modern paper industry and a desire to re-create antiquity
  9. Ylitalo, Saaraliisa : I lived in Japan for 5 years and studied with a master papermaker.
Major Influence
  1. Ballinger, Cris : Annual gathering of Western members of the Yahoo papermaking group and Social media such as Facebook
  2. Burgos, Leticia : to do my prints and drawings over my paper, and not a simple paper, a paper which has his own expression
  3. Craig, Melissa Jay : working at a facility that included hand papermaking equipment
  4. Dilane, Ilze : Papermaking workshops at Southwest school of Art & Craft
  5. Hauser, Robert : Refer Question 3-page 4.
  6. Huber, Fritzi : Interaction with DARDO
  7. Johnson, Sally : meetings of Dard Hunter Friends
  8. Lascell, Thomas : Helped facilitate workshops with the Combat Paper Project and Peace Paper Projects
  9. Lascell, Tom : Working with Combat Paper project and Peace Paper Projects
  10. Mackin Dolan, Susan : grad school
  11. McDonald, Lee : gettting anNEA grant for a study of equipment for hand papermaking in 1976
  12. Taboada, Tobi : Travel with Sydney and Elaine plus my personal exploration in SE Asia/China/Burma/Laos/Japan
Modest Influence
  1. Rhein, Margaret : Visiting papermaking villages, studios in Japan
Minor Influence